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Mohican Valley Artists
Enhancing the Arts in the Mohican Valley Area of Ohio!!!!

The Mohican Valley Artists was formed in January of 2014 after a group of Artists decided to display their their Art in a donated storefront during the Winterfest Celebrations in Loudonville, Ohio.

The show was a success, and the group moved onward to establish the Mohican Valley Artists. Throughout the early months of 2014 they found other opportunities and venues to display their Art. In early July, the MVA was offered a larger storefront in the downtown area of Loudonville for use as a gallery space, and the “Gallery on Main” became a reality. The "Gallery on Main" opened in early August of 2014, and became a focal point for the Arts in Loudonville until early in April of 2015. At that point the MVA lost their lease on the building, and the Gallery on Main was forced to close.

The Mohican Valley Artists expanded their outlook into becoming an incorporated "Not-for-Profit" organization, and began the process of finding a replacement venue that would house their ongoing Community Activities.

The Mohican Valley Artists found that venue in late June of 2015, and in that new space, have since restored their presence in the Loudonville Community. The Mohican Valley Artists are now located at the:

221 South Market Street
Loudonville, Ohio

This new venue now gives us the space and the opportunity to pursue our goals which are to:

Enhance and encourage the arts and artists of the “Mohican Valley Area of Ohio”, by promoting their Art, providing opportunities to get their Art before the public, and supplying a venue to display their Art.

We are actively promoting the Artists, the Fine Arts they create, and the Mohican Valley Area of Ohio through the use of the MVA’s own website Mohican-Valley-Artists.com, our own Mohican Valley Artist’s Facebook, and now through this Mohican Valley Artist’s Newsletter.

The Mohican Valley Artists are now planning their 2015 Work Shop, and Art Class schedules. We are also looking at classes directed toward the children in “Home-Schooling”. This is a big undertaking for us, but one that we are committed to.

We appreciate, and need your input as to what types of training you would like us to focus on. Many of our artists are experienced in teaching Art, and we also have access to other Instructors that teach special Workshops or Classes in unusual niches.

Overall the Mohican Valley Artists are growing, enhancing the Arts in our Community, and helping to promote our area as a “Destination for the Arts” for the traveling public.

However, to completely attain the “Goals” that we have set for ourselves, we need your support, along with the support of our Community.

It is with Great Anticipation that we move on to this new phase!

The Mohican Valley Artists!!!

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